What is Scaffolding?

Also known as scaffold or staging, Scaffolding is a process to build temporary structures to aid and support construction workers and materials to help with construction, maintenance and repairs of building, bridges and/or other man made structures.

One of the primary ready to use scaffolding process is to get access to areas that are high or otherwise hard to reach to or get to.

At Proline Scaffolding, we use Kwikstage Scaffolding. The benefits of using Kwikstage scaffolding are:

  1. Kwikstage Scaffold is a heavy duty modular scaffolding system. It is an effective and safe method of access for work in those hard-to-reach places and at heights on, commercial, industrial and residential projects.
  2. Kwikstage Scaffolding is the one of the best scaffolding systems, reliable in Australia for its flexibility, strength and ease of installation. This scaffolding system saves erection and dismantling time and reduces labour costs.
  3. Kwikstage Scaffold satisfies WorkSafe regulations and provides safe and easy access for all trades personnel working at heights.
  4. Kwikstage Scaffold can be used for all external work at heights, including brickwork, rendering, carpentry and cladding installation.

With over 10+ years of experience in Scaffolding, our team is licensed, insured, skilled and experienced to safely and securely carry out any scaffolding jobs in and around Sydney.

You can contact us for any Scaffolding requirements including:

Call Proline Scaffolding on 02 9064 2674

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