Scaffolding Services

1. Commercial Scaffolding

We specialise in small to medium Size Commercial Scaffolding Projects.

One of the factors that sets up apart in commercial scaffold projects is that we can safely and efficiently carry out the scaffolding work on the buildings that are public spaces and are required to carry on their function.

2. Industrial Scaffolding

We specialise in small to medium Size Industrial Scaffolding Projects.

Our highly skilled team specialises in complex industrial scaffolding and adhere to the highest standards in accordance to industrial codes and safety regulations.

3. Residential Scaffolding

We specialise in small to medium Size Residential Scaffolding Projects.

Proline Scaffolding caters to residential scaffolding needs from renovations to full builds. With various styles of homes that are built, our in-depth knowledge and expertise ensure that all areas can be safely accessed while keeping costs in check.

4. Strata Scaffolding

We specialise in small to medium Size Strata Scaffolding Projects.

Having completed a wide range of Strata Scaffolding work, Proline Scaffolding understands the special requirements for Strata Scaffolding work.

5. Remedial Scaffolding

We specialise in small to medium Size Remedial Scaffolding Projects.

Proline Scaffolding provides access for remedial maintenance to deliver projects for building owners, asset managers, project managers and business owners. Proline Scaffolding has over 10+ years of experience allowing us to provide a complete site set up and support service for Remedial Scaffolding.

6. Insurance Scaffolding

We specialise in small to medium Size Insurance Scaffolding Projects.

Our expert team backed by years of experience ensures the best outcome when it comes to Insurance Scaffolding.

Also known as a mobile tower scaffold, this type of scaffold is assembled from pre-formed framing components and fitted with wheels which allow it to be rolled from one place to another. It is typically used on sites where multiple areas require access for light maintenance work, or where a traditional scaffold would have to cover too great a distance to be practical.


This type of scaffold consists of a working platform which is suspended from the top of a structure by cantilever beams or outriggers which are capable of raising and lowering the platform. In this way, access can be gained for light maintenance work, window washing, and so on. It is common for high-rise buildings to be fitted with a permanent cradle system at roof level for this purpose.

Also is a type of independent scaffold which is erected on cantilever beams and secured to a building at only one end. The other side is left hanging or exposed. This type of scaffold is efficient in that it provides access to areas that would be difficult or uneconomic to reach using a scaffold system erected from ground level. Workers operating on cantilever scaffold systems must be fitted with safety harnesses.

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This is a type of independent scaffold which is typically used for interior work in large buildings such as halls, churches, museums, and so on. It is generally only used for one level, typically to provide easy access to ceilings and soffits. It consists of parallel rows of standards connected by ledgers in both directions and supporting a single working platform.


A temporary frame serving to support and brace a building under construction until it can stand alone.


Stretcher stair access system offers you a wide access option, easy for two people walking side by side and for your trades to carry tools & equipment.


Gantries and overhead protection are designed to ensure the safety of workers and for pedestrians from falling construction materials, debris and other objects. Generally used for longer term solutions where an exclusion zone is impractical, they provide ongoing protection with a one-off installation and dismantling.

Public access and overhead protection may be a requirement imposed upon a construction site by council or other regulations. It is important that a gantry system is installed by approved professionals to meet these requirements.

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Void platforms, stair voids platforms, ladder void platforms including void protection, turning an upper floor void into a safe working platform and pool void protection.

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