The two most important assets that the right scaffolding can bring to your project are safety and convenience.

When you choose the right scaffolding material and type, you are not only saving yourself and others from fall and/or injury, but also protecting your equipments from drops and damages.


Aluminium is one of the most common material for scaffolding. It provides strong and sturdy platform.

Once again, this depends on the type of project and specific requirements of the site and/or the environment. There are options like single width or double width where the double width is more handy when it comes to more than a couple of people working at once or if the surface of work is expansive.

There are brands like MiTower who have come up with an easy to errect, narrow and tall Aluminium Scaffold.

Kwikscaf Scaffolding

One of the important place where Kwikscaf comes to use is when the tradespeople require scaffolding that can easily move from one site to another.

Not only can a kwikscaf be flat-packed, it can be easily erected by one person with semi-skills.

Kwikscaf is the ideal for cleaning, plastering or paining making it one of the most popular scaffolds around. Kwikscaf can also be used as work bench or transport trolley when not used as scaffolding.

You can contact us, Proline Scaffolding to discuss your scaffolding needs. Call us now on: 02 9064 2674.

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